First demonstration of the LoveFood2market prototype to end users, 06/11/2018
Invited presentation at RME2018, 5-7/11/2018
EPoSS Annual Forum and MNBS 2018, 17-18/10/2018
Invited presentation at 1st international conference on NanoBioScience, 28/09/2018
Workshop “Industrial needs regarding foodborne pathogens testing and potential role of emerging technologies”, Heraklion, Crete, 11/09/2018
Biosensors Lab at TIF 2018, 05/09/2018
Bioeconomy week, 14-17/11/2017
4th LoveFood2Market Meeting, Paris, 06/07/2017
3rd LoveFood2Market Meeting, Heraklion-Crete, 19/02/2017
Excellence in Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2016
2nd LoveFood2Market Meeting, Besancon, France, 18-19/07/2016
Kick off meeting, NCSR-D, Athens, Greece, 12/02/2016