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5h Salmonella detection in milk samples

Protocol and methodology developed within EU project LoveFood2Market

LF2M methodology relies on the use of advanced micro-nano-bio technologies and components for the rapid and simple detection of Salmonella Typhimurium strain in milk.  It consists of 3 steps and an unprecedented time-to-analysis of 5 h, including the pre-enrichment step.

Materials needed per test
Step 1: Pre-enrichment (4 h)
Step 2: Washing and cell-lysis (30 min)
Step 3: Amplification and detection (30 min)

*The protocol can be used for the detection of 1-10 Salmonella cells in 25ml of milk


Salmonella detection in milk samples


For more info, contact Prof. E. Gizeli: gizeli@imbb.forth.gr